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Facebook / Instagram - Royal wedding 2018 

I was commissioned by Facebook / Instagram to design and digitally paint a background for their promotional event booth which commemorated the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle. My backdrop provided a setting for their VIP guests to take photos and videos beside. In front of my painting, a mock-up carriage with moving wheels was placed for patrons to sit inside of whilst having their pictures taken.

This was an exciting brief which changed along the way; multiple decision makers were involved in signing off the finished piece. I conversed with all parties, including Facebook's in-house creative team and consulted them along the way to help shape their thoughts and ideas into a finished piece. Feedback given was that I was highly responsive and flexible via phone and email throughout the process. Thumbnails were submitted throughout drawn to ensure that I fully understood the considerations of the client.


Screenshot (358)_edited.png
Screenshot (359)_edited.png
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